Cat's Spring Soccer


Cat played a lot of soccer this spring.  She was on her school's co-ed middle school soccer team, which meant practice during the designated class period at school every day, and after-school games.  Her coach loved having her and has already designated her as next year's captain, though next year the boys and girls will play separately.  Cat had lots of fun on this team with so many friends from school.

She wasn't able to attend all of the school games, though, because of her commitment to her club team.  This required attendance at multiple practices/games per week, including the State Cup Tournament in North Salt Lake during the week at the beginning of May.  Her team didn't win the tournament, but they did well enough to receive a spot at the Far West Regional Tournament in Hawaii.  So later in the summer, Cat traveled to Hawaii to compete with her team.  (Pictures are forthcoming.)  She loved being on this team and competing with them all season, and at the end of the school year when they had tryouts and finalized their roster for next year, she was excited to have a spot on next year's team too.

Last of all are these posed shots taken by Cat's teammate's father, a professional photographer passionate about sports photography, as a fundraiser for his daughter for the Hawaii tournament.  I love them.

This and That


We made an unexpected stop at a pet store and Eliza was enamored with the turtle.
Thank you for this cute pic, Suz.

We are now the proud owners of a set of bunk bed cots.  The kids have been
wanting bunk beds for forever and were so excited about these that they took
turns sleeping in them for a few weeks before we told them they had
to sleep in their own beds again.

Jack earned his Bear Scout badge.  Hooray!

Luke insisted in participating in the commemorative picture.

I love how focused Luke is on doing a good jb of coloring in this picture.
Also, check out his method.  The mask is almost completely symmetrical
in which sections are colored and which are not.

Luke and Eliza


These little moments make me happy.

You can't really tell in the picture, but Luke and Eliza had fun using Sharpies
to add mustaches and other embellishments to the poster we made for Luke's birthday.

More fun with markers! When Suz gave us fabric markers, Luke and Eliza really
enjoyed drawing on whatever I would let them.  Pictured here: one of Eliza's
sleeping tank tops and one of Luke's shoes.

The other evening during Jack's baseball practice, Eliza was practicing some tumbling moves and ended up helping Luke learn to do a cartwheel.  It was precious.

Mother's Day 2018

After taking a month off (unintentionally, but necessarily), it's time to do some catching up!  I'll post the next several posts in chronological order the best I can and date them accordingly, and hopefully they'll come much faster so I can get back on track.  We'll see.

Mother's Day was great!  I loved all of the great little surprises from the kids.  Luke's Primary class made tissue paper flowers, Eliza answered a questionnaire (always a favorite!) and made fingerprint hearts, Jack wrote me a cute little note, and all of the kids made these great family portraits with Suz while Ben and I were gone on our trip the week before.

I was happy to celebrate Mother's Day with Suz - one of my favorite moms, and a very dedicated one - and her family.  Ben and Ben made a great seafood dinner for us.  Yummy!

Suz and I also snuck away to talk to eachother and call our Mom, and the girls came to hang out with us as well.  I didn't get a full family picture or mom picture, but I like these shots a whole lot!

I am so glad that I get to be a mom and so thankful for my wonderful kids and husband.  And I love and appreciate my wonderful mother and all of the amazing women who have mothered me, mentored me, and looked out for me, and done those things for my kids.

Fun with Ben & Suz

A few weeks ago Ben and I took a 3-day trip to southern Utah and Suz and Uncle Ben took care of the kids at our house.  In addition to the normal household routines and having to get kids to and from school and other activities, they enjoyed special Suz-made treats, visited a brand-new playground, went to a movie, took a trip to Cabela's, and more.  Suz even sat through Cat's cold, rainy soccer game Saturday morning.  Everyone had a good time and Suz reported that our kids were extra-well-behaved.  Here are a few pictures she shared:

Jack's 10th Birthday

Jack's birthday fell on a Sunday during an already-busy weekend so he had a more spread-out birthday than usual, just like Luke did last month.

We gave him his first present in the morning, a box set of the original Star Wars DVDs.
We watched A New Hope that night and I made stuffed crust pizza, per Jack's request.

The kids had their piano recital in the morning, then we went straight home and
had a lunch which included some of Jack's favorite things.  Then we enjoyed cool
Sorting Hat Cupcakes thanks so Suz.  We stopped at Scheels for another birthday
Ferris Wheel ride before going to Cat's soccer game in Salt Lake.  We stopped for pizza
for dinner before Jack finally got to watch Transformers with his dad and uncle -
something he's wanted to do for a long time but we made him wait until he turned 10.

We had a big yummy grilled feast for dinner that evening, then sang to Jack
and ate more cake.  (Note: he opened presents throughout the weekend as
they were given or delivered but I never took any pictures of them.  Oops.)

I brought doughnuts to school for Jack to share with his class.
This was originally planned for the Friday before, but I was in a
minor car accident shortly before I was to be at the school, which
messed up the timing so we pushed it back a few days.  Jack was
disappointed but handled it well and enjoyed sharing treats and
getting the spotlight for a few minutes on Monday.

Girls' Night

A couple of weeks ago, Suz, Cat, Eliza, and I had a fun little Girls' Night.  We started out at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point, just wandering around and appreciating the flowers, stopping to take pictures whenever we wanted to.  (It was fun to hear Lexi Walker performing for a few minutes too.)  It was a bit chilly and we were all under-dressed but we had a great time anyway.  The gardens were gorgeous.

Next we drove to a favorite bakery to get some treats to enjoy while we watched a show about baking (ha!).  Loved it.

...bakery photo op...