Buttons & Socks

This morning when the kids were getting g ready for church, Luke insisted on not only buttoning his own shirt, but he helped button Jack's as well. He is also getting the hang of putting his socks and shoes on.

Yep, he's practically grown.

Viable Alternative

When Mom takes the toys away, just play with cans of tuna.

Geology According to Luke

Apparently this rock is made of shampoo. Who knew??

Life Hack by Eliza

When you would like to read your book while eating a sticky after-school snack, keep the book open simply by wrapping a rubber band around the pages.

How have I never thought of this??

Fiesta Like There's No Mañana

Just before Jack's birthday he finished his last 8-year-old requirement to work toward his Faith in God. He was to plan, prepare, and serve a nutritious meal. He and I talked about some options and decided on tacos. Jack did almost all of the prep, browning the ground beef, cutting the lettuce, making the guacamole, and setting the table.

What a great coincidence that we enjoyed that very authentic Mexican meal on Cinco de Mayo.  !Todos nosotros disfrutamos nuestra cena en esta día especial!