To be honest...

"Can I just take a short nap on your shoulder?"
"You smell yummy."
"You smell like gravy."
- Luke

Can't get her down.

Cat hurt her leg two weeks ago.  She took it easy for about a week, then tried to play soccer in her team's first pre-season tournament, but came out of the game in tears from the pain of someone running into her bad leg after just a few minutes.  Her team ended up doing pretty well overall, but not well enough to progress into the semifinals as they'd hoped, and Cat hated having to watch the game from the sidelines, unable to help.

Today, after over an hour and a half at a sports medicine clinic, we found out that Cat's hip flexors and quad have been injured and she is not allowed to run for at least two weeks.  These doctor's orders will keep her out of her team's second pre-season tournament next week.

Cat was given specific exercises to do every day and instructions as to what types of activity are acceptable for the next few weeks, always keeping in mind that she should not allow her pain level to reach "moderate."

I snapped this picture while Cat was getting her x-ray today (to determine that her growth plates were okay)
because the x-ray technician complimented Cat on how perfectly lined up she was when he hadn't
yet told her where to stand.  Ever the over-achiever, that one.
This was a big blow.  Cat has been really excited about this new team and has already shown herself as a valuable player in their scrimmages, so to miss out on these early games is disappointing to say the least.  But what impressed me about Cat this evening was that she did not stay depressed after she got the news.

We went swimming at my sister's new apartment complex and Cat was the life of the pool party.  She played with the younger kids and helped them enjoy themselves, then after we were home and the kids had bathed and the younger ones were in bed, Cat got to work doing her exercises without a word of complaint.  Her good attitude has impressed me, and inspires me to look on the bright side and avoid letting things get me down.

The end is near.

I was really looking forward to summer vacation this year, and we've loved it.  The first several weeks were a nice change of pace from the craziness of the school year.  After that, it got busy again, but for the most part the busy-ness has been comprised of good, fun things and lots of time with friends and family we don't get to see on a regular basis.  What a wonderful blessing!

The kids have been good sports, not complaining too much, and getting along pretty well, and keeping up with their two daily requirements (piano and reading time) for the most part, so I feel like we're doing fine in spite of the schedule we've been keeping.  But I do have a small amount of anxiety over the fact that we only have two and a half weeks left before school starts again.  I'm hoping to fit in some more fun adventures with the kids, but also at least a couple of pajama days where we don't have any plans at all.  Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but I think I can accomplish both of those goals.

Kool-Aid Girls

Cat has been wanting to try some kind of hair dye for months now.  We decided the Kool-Aid method was something we could both live with: fun, spunky, cheap, and temporary.  We used these directions, and it worked out perfectly!  Eliza wanted to do her hair also, but she used a slightly more diluted solution, and her ponytail wasn't as long as Cat's, so her result was less vibrant and the dye doesn't show up as much in the front, but she still loves it.  We did it about a week and a half ago and both girls' red is fading, so I think they'll be back to their normal hair color before school starts.

Soaking the ends of the ponytails in the Kool-Aid solution for 10 minutes.

After the hair air-dried the first night.

After Cat's hair air-dried that night.

After being styled the next day.

Another shot from the next day.  Fun (TEMPORARY) red!

Wheeler Historic Farm with a COUSIN

I recently found out about a cool historic working farm run by the Salt Lake County Parks & Rec so when my brother and his family came to town, we all headed there one afternoon.  It was hot and sunny, but we all had a good time watching the kids enjoy the animals.  We spent the majority of the time near the entrance, with the kids completely entertained by the ducks, geese, and pigeons.  At one point, Jack tried to help some cute little ducklings up a steep stream bank so they could follow their mama into the grass, but the mama quacked very loudly at him.  Jack really was trying to help, but the mama wanted him to leave her babies alone!

Eventually we progressed to the farm area with big pigs, chickens and roosters, horses, goats, and sheep.  The kids went on a little tractor-pulled ride, explored converted chicken coops, and slurped up Otter Pops.  We also took a few minutes for photo ops.  Eliza's pose in front of the flower bed was cute, and Luke's just cracked me up.  It was a great afternoon!


Sock Puppets

One Sunday afternoon earlier in the summer the kids were bored, so we decided to make sock puppets using holey socks from our cleaning stash and miscellaneous craft supplies.  I rather like the way they turned out, and the kids played with them for days.

Meet Stripes, Sock, and Ginger.