2017: Summer of the Squirt Guns?

In an effort to encourage the kids to use the spending portion of the money they've earned from doing jobs around the house for things that will last and provide quality fun, I suggested the kids buy squirt guns.  Cat agreed right away and bought herself a good squirt gun with some of the money she had available.  She promptly shot it at Jack.  Taking him completely by surprise.  While he was in the house.

So I took the squirt gun away.

In the interim, Jack and Eliza decided to buy squirt guns, and the three of us plotted to teach Cat a little lesson.  While she was at YW one Wednesday evening, we locked the door so that she would have to knock for us to open the door.  Then Jack and Eliza would immediately begin squirting her with their squirt guns, taking her by surprise while she was unarmed.

Unfortunately, she'd brought her key to YW so our original plan didn't work.  But I convinced her to go outside again and ring the doorbell again and this time, Jack and Eliza got her.  Be sure to watch both videos.

These videos are representative of the obsession the kids had with squirt guns for the beginning of the summer.  We even planned a play date with some friends where the kids could play with squirt guns and water balloons.  What's more fun than water play on a hot summer day?

Jack looks like quite a bully in this picture, but they were just playing
good-naturedly when Eliza simply fell over.  Promise.

The interest in squirt guns seems to be waning at the moment, but I expect there will be a resurgence before too long.

Jack Plays Baseball

Jack has been wanting to play baseball for years but has never been on a team for one reason or another. This year we decided to sign him up for a brief baseball camp put on by our local rec center. It was just 2 hours a day for 3 days but it was exactly what he needed: basic baseball instruction in a fun, non-threatening atmosphere. He loved it! He has a better understanding of how to play now, and I have a better understanding of how to help him.

But I'm pretty sure that if you ask him what the best part of camp was, he'd tell you it was the giant slip & slide they played on at the end of the last day.


Four Little Fishies

The kids kicked off the summer with some long overdue swim lessons.  They all had a great time and learned a lot.


Cat's Graduation Party

Cat wanted to have a big party with her friends when school got out.  Because one of the planned activities was to burn old assignments, we had the party at a park in Provo Canyon.  Ben and I drove the family and 6 of Cat's friends to Nunns Park where the kids played on the playground, threw rocks into the Provo River, had a water balloon fight, and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire.  Then we walked up to Bridal Veil Falls and the kids had fun climbing the rocks up to the waterfall.  Ben was worried about sparks flying if we let the kids burn all of their assignments, so we let them throw a few into the fire, then we finished up with a ceremonial Throwing of Old Assignments Into the Dumpster.  It was really fun, and the big kids were great with the younger kids.

I'm glad Cat had this fun little party with her friends.  It's been hard for her that her friends are all going to different schools next year.  She knows only a handful of kids going to the same school she'll be attending next year, and just one is a good friend.